Buzz Guard


Buzz Guard uses neem seed oil and pure essential oils to help improve your dog's comfort during outdoor activities.

Get back to enjoying outdoor activities such as walking, camping, hiking, boating, dog sports training and competition…and just having a good time in the great outdoors!

Buzz GuardBuzz Guard is created with neem seed oil and pure essential oils. It has been favorably field-tested in a variety of settings, from woodlands to wetlands, and shown to be effective in improving your dog’s outdoor comfort during daytime and evening hours. This family friendly product is safely diluted for use with puppies from 8 weeks old.

Made in the USA, and packaged in a BPA free recyclable container, Buzz Guard has a light fresh scent, and can be sprayed onto cloth, skin or fur without leaving stains or sticky residues. The mist is now available in 2 sizes - choose the 2oz bottle for travel and the 8oz bottle to use at home, in the kennel or stable.

Directions for use: Spray several mists onto your hands to massage your dog’s outer ears, back of head, abdomen, legs and tail. Repeat as needed.

Mist ingredients: Neem seed oil and pure essential oils of citronella, fir, geranium, rosewood, basil and myrrh in water with polysorbate 20 (emulsifier) and potassium sorbate (preservative).

outdoor comfort is just a mist away…

Buzz Guard® (Canadian customers will receive Outdoor Care.)
Order below for the 2oz or 8oz natural remedy mists. Contact Earth Heart here for information on other essential oil products.

2 oz. mist: $15
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8 oz. mist: $35
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Praise for Buzz Guard.
Carol Bryant

“I swear by Buzz Guard.”

Deb Eldredge, DVM, award-winning author,
and dog sport competitor

“Buzz Guard ingredients are safe for both Sugar and me. We love taking walks now, even in the Forest Preserve.”

Rosalyn and Sugar, Wilmette, IL 

"No more harsh chemicals thanks to Buzz Guard!"

Carol Bryant, Social Media/PR Director,
Fido Friendly Magazine